Delrio Dan has been on the art scene since the 1960’s in New York City where he became a famous artist partly due to a song that was written about him and recorded on an Everly Brothers Album Stories We Could Tell called “Del Rio Dan”.  Even though Dan began his art in High School in Dallas, Texas, it was to impress his first girlfriend. His life led him to other more exciting adventures and he became a smuggler that took marijuana from Mexico thru Del Rio, Texas, thus his name.  While living in an apt in NYC, 2 famous songwriters decided to write a song about outlaws and he was included because of the 60 lbs. of marijuana in the closet.

Delriodan’s artwork has always been in the North Texas art scene From Dallas to Austin, Texas where he was first named “The Renegade Artist” and many articles were written in local newspapers.  Even today, his artwork is gracing the Web site in….. New York City.
Delriodan has started painting again!  This large 74” x 62” mural size painting will look breathtaking on any wall.  This is the first of a limited number of paintings that will be offered.  On his web site many have returned to see his updates on this very picture.  Since he has been getting emails as to the price, he decided to leave that up to you.  This series of paintings includes his famous “U”, “I” and “Pi” in the sky, representing the Universal, Individual, and Pi (ie. Pie) – Our Great Radiant Otherness (ie. God).  These MINDSCAPE paintings are surrealistic in both mind and mood.  You can see the influence of Dali and the dedication of delriodan.  This one painting will be double signed.  This painting will be not only an investment but also the greatest conversation piece that you and your home have ever owned. 



  Tears of Gratitude Org. Paintings and Lyrics By: Del Rio Dan